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Helen Lindsay, Professional Leader

Meet Our Teachers

Why to choose City Heights Montessori?

At our whare, all tamariki will be offered the same opportunity to benefit from high quality early childhood education and excellent dedicated care, both,  implemented by our Centre’s theoretical perspective, culture, and values, all pursuing noticeable positive outcomes for children in alignment with the Principles and Strands of Te Whāriki national curriculum and Montessori Philosophy.


We believe in and follow the Montessori principles where respect for the child and their uniqueness is at the core of every decision made and action taken. Montessori learning is hand on, individually paced, and customized to the needs and interest of each individual child. We provide holistic learning experiences,  paramount for our tamariki to gain the basis for a successful, independent, and abundant life.

At City Heights we believe in establishing positive and meaningful relationships with our Kaiako, tamariki - whānau and community to set a solid foundation for a holistic learning journey where all parties cooperate and benefit. Everything we do at our whare comes from our mana, both personal and collective, our strength, our pride, and  our culturally diverse identity.


We strive to support our tamariki to become independent learners, capable to adapt to a world in continuous change and success in all areas of their life with confidence, courage and respect for themselves, others, and their environment.


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Centre Manager

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