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  • Does City Heights offers 20 hours ECE?
    Yes. We are part of the Ministry Of Education Scheme offering 20 Hours ECE to families. An Optional Charge of $22.5 weekly is requested. Full details of what this assists with are available within the enrolment package.
  • What ages of children does City Heights accept?
    We accept children from 4 months to 6 years.
  • Is there a minumum of hours that I have to enrol my child for?
    Yes. We require children to be enrolled for a minimum of hours per week in order to gain the consistency they need to feel safe and confident in our environment and within our teaching team. For under 3 the minimum hours a week is 15 spread over a minimum of 3 days per week. For over 3 the minimum is 20 hours spread over a minimum of 4 days. We require 3 -6 year old's to arrive by 9am since it marks the commencement of our working cycle. Do not hesitate to let us know what your needs are so we can make sure we cater to your family dynamics.
  • Do you provide meals in house?
    Yes. We are proud to have an A grade kitchen and our own chef. Our chef cooks a wide range of fresh meals every day, including lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. You will receive a menu when you enrol. Our menus follow the requirements of the Heart Foundation and we have been awarded the highest gold star healthy heart award. We charge a fee of $5 daily for meals. If your child has any food allergies or requirement please let us know at the enrolment process.
  • What about if my child has a medical condition?
    At City Heights we keep a list of each child’s allergies or medical conditions and the corresponding emergency procedures. These are discussed with the child's teachers at the time of your child’s induction. A list of each child’s food allergies is also kept in class to ensure your child is kept safe while in the centre.
  • How parents keep up to date with what is happening at the centre ?
    Parents receive communication via emails or via EDUCA. If you have not provided an email address you will find communication letters in your child's pocket at the entry of our centre. We also use Facebook to keep parents updated on day to day happenings at City Heights.
  • Will I get reports on my child's progress ?
    At City Heights we organise parent-teacher interviews at at least twice a year. We also publish children's learning stories on EDUCA. Only you and the people you invite may see these stories.
  • Does City Heights close for school holidays ?
    No. City Heights remains open during school holidays. We only close on statuory holidays. We do not charge fees for the days we are closed.
  • Does City Heights hold an absence and/or holiday fee?
    Yes. At City heights you will be charged full fee if your child does not attent the centre when booked. You have a yearly allowance of 15 days at 50% rate when you go on holidays. After 15 days you will return to full fee.
  • Does City Heights charge an enrolment fee?
    Yes. Our enrolment fee is $50 to cover administration costs and enrolment pack. This is non-refundable.
  • Does City Heights take children on field trips?
    Yes. Field trips out of the centre are part of our programme and will be charged for separately.
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